Jobs and Economy

Some people believe tax breaks do not create jobs and put money into the economy.  The facts prove otherwise.  Indeed, tax breaks are one of the strongest drivers of the economy.  Allowing people to keep more of their hard-earned money vastly moves the economy, increases and improves jobs and does far more for citizens than increased spending.

Democrats like to argue tax cuts only benefit the wealthy.  That is incorrect.  A tax cut is just that; a tax cut.  It benefits all.  And, it benefits the economy in the following ways:

  1. If the wealthy have more cash available, they will put it back into business and create jobs; and,
  2. For the middle class, it creates more available cash to drive the economy. It also, helps small business owner have an opportunity to succeed.

This is simple mathematics.  Thus, of course I will support any tax cuts that make sense provided they are not an overburden on the Federal Budget.  In that regard, Federal budget cuts may be necessary to open up more cash for business investment.  The only budget cuts I would approve are those which do not affect essential spending.  They will be addressed only to non-essential items.

The citizens of CA43 are primarily working class.  A large portion of them operate the small businesses which drive the U.S. Economy.  They understand that big government and its spider web of regulations make it difficult for small business to survive.  I have friends that were shocked when a budget to open a restaurant went from approximately $250,000 to $750,000 almost entirely because of regulations.  This is cost probative to most small business owners.  And, it directly effects employment in working class communities.

My position, in addition to supporting tax breaks, will be to put the people of CA43 back to work by loosening the Federal regulatory stranglehold on business.

The large industry in CA43 is primarily centered around the airport – and that is aerospace.  You cannot drive around LAX without seeing Boeing, Raytheon and others.  This is not small business.  This is a factor of major employment both within and without the district.  And, it’s a fact that most of the aerospace industry survives on Federal Dollars.

My position will be to pump those Federal Dollars into the aerospace industry by supporting legislation that will bring the space program back to its glory days of the 1960s and 70s.  There is no reason why the United States is not the number one country in space exploration and development.  We must be able to re-create that interest in space.  And, it should not just be on a government level.  Space-X, which is a private enterprise, should also be funded, in addition to NASA.

Space-X has made a critical mistake, however.  They have chosen to effectively leave CA43 and move to Irvine, CA.  If I’m elected to represent CA43, they must stay within my district if I am to support their growth.

In conclusion, a combination of tax credits and the loosening of Federal regulations will increase job growth and the standard of living within CA43.  My goal will be to make both big and small business grow in the district to help my constituents.  Maxine Waters does not do it any longer because her focus is on national issues, not those of the people that put her in office.