5Veterans put their lives in harm’s way to protect the rights, liberties and lives of the citizens of this great country.  More often than not, however, when they return, they are forgotten and suffer as a result of their service.  These difficulties experienced by them go beyond PTSD.  Many times our veterans cannot gain employment.  Many times they can no longer relate to their families.

The biggest sin against our veterans is the way they are treated for both their emotional and physical injuries by the Veterans Administration.  I have personal experience with this mistreatment.  Although I am not a Veteran, one of my closest friends served this country during the Vietnam era.  As a result of his service, he lost a leg.  Additionally, he was diagnosed with acute schizoaffective disorder.  He has been under the care of the VA for almost 50 years.

If it were not for his brother, who has assumed the responsibilities of being his conservator, I am certain he would be dead by now.  Every single time he needs medical care, it is a fight to get it.  In fact, on many occasions he was denied care in private hospitals because of his veteran status.  Indeed, on one occasion, he had a legitimate life threatening emergency.  His brother forced the hospital to admit him.  Were it not for threats of going public, he would not have been admitted.

We cannot allow veterans to suffer this way.  And, that goes for veterans within CA43 as well.

My proposals to take care of veterans are very simple:

  1. The VA should become an option and an option only for medical treatment of veterans.
  2. Private doctors and hospitals should be compelled to treat veterans for all ailments, including those directly related to their service. In exchange, medical professionals will be compensated for these services at fair market rates.
  3. Employees of the VA will be subject to the same reviews private employees must endure. If you do not pass your review, you do not receive additional financial compensation and you are subject to discharge.  Review boards will be handled by a private organization not related to the VA.
  4. Substantial employment tax credits will be given to all who hire veterans directly after service. Such tax credits will be available to employees for veterans who are in their first ten years after separation.
  5. No veteran shall be homeless. As VA hospitals are phased out through allowing veterans to use private doctors, VA facilities shall be used as affordable housing for our veterans.

Again, my plan is to take care of all veterans.  They should be revered and they should never have to suffer.