I think Frank is great. I have known Frank DeMartini for almost 10 years. In that time, I’ve grown to know an extremely honest man who has integrity and compassion. He also has much intellect, but he doesn’t use that intellect to make you feel inferior in any way. He is not an elitist and not a globalist. He cares about people and is willing to put people over politics. He also cares about America. His love for this country knows no bounds. It’s time for Maxine Waters to leave Congress. Since she won’t go voluntarily, Frank DeMartini has agreed to help remove her by running against her, albeit in a very Democratic district. Now it’s our turn to help Frank win and beat the odds. We need to support him in any way we can. Let’s get the job done. Let’s force Maxine into early retirement and help make her district great again!”

Chris Widener is a public speaker, author, businessman and the founder of Positively Republican, the largest Republican page on Facebook with well over one million followers.