“I know and love members of the African-American community well (including those in our own intimate family circles), and I can tell you that our mutual values are not reflected by Maxine Waters who is on the wrong side of the big issues of our day like abortion, gay marriage and the rush to embrace cultural norms that aren’t normal at all. She’s also on the wrong  side of economic growth and taxation… and thousands of Hispanic and Asian-Americans are right to ask why she pushes for policies that hurt small businessmen and women in her district. Though I’m sure she’s a fine woman personally,  Maxine Waters is the classic example of the politician who spends too much time in Washington and among the wealthy liberal elite.. and loses sight of her own upbringing. Looks like she’s more concerned with challenging President Trump in 2020 than taking care of her district. Her latest TV appearances, all dressed up on “The View”, for example, exhibit an almost irrational ranting for the impeachment of our duly elected President!

I believe that Frank DeMartini is on the right side of all of these issues. We need to send to Washington citizen politicians who will help their district. Some politicians like Maxine Waters are against everything Donald Trump stands for just because he’s Donald Trump. Others are for him blindly. We need people like Frank DeMartini to go to Washington and stand up for the President when he’s right and course correct him when he’s wrong. That’s the kind of independent minded leader we need and I support Frank. If he can represent us in Congress as well as he can produce a movie, we’ll be in great shape.

I’m not a drinking man, but I’ll raise a toast to this Martini!

Pat Boone