Dana Rohrabacher endorses Frank DeMartini for Congress.

Dana Rohrabacher is a member of the U.S House of Representatives representing California’s 48th congressional district. A Republican, he served as a speechwriter and Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1988.

Rohrabacher voted to repeal Obamacare, denies man-made global warming, is a staunch opponent of illegal immigration,and favors the legalization of marijuana.In foreign policy, he supported withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan,called for Trump to punish Turkish President Erdoğan on embassy violence,sided with Russia in the Russia–Georgia war, gave a qualified defense of the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and supports cooperating with Russia in Syria and in other areas. There have been questions about his relation with Putin and the Russian government.

Prior to working in the Reagan Administration, Rohrabacher served as assistant press secretary to Ronald Reagan during his 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns. During his tenure at the White House, Rohrabacher played a leading role in the formulation of the Reagan Doctrine. He also helped formulate President Reagan’s Economic Bill of Rights, which was a series of policy proposals that Reagan introduced in a speech at the Jefferson Memorial.

As chairman of the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, Rohrabacher authored the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004. With bipartisan support, it became Public Law No. 108-492 in 2004.