Frank DeMartini is a man who is committed to change. I wholeheartedly endorse Frank. He is the best candidate for the job.

I have known Frank since I was sixteen years old. We met when I, a Black kid, was bused to his White high school in East Meadow, Long Island. Frank was welcoming to me and never saw color he only saw a guy who shared his love for good music and we built a friendship around that. We both ended up on the west coast and in the entertainment industry and we ran into each other at an industry party and it was like we were never out of each other’s lives.

That friendship has lasted for forty years and continues to be strong. And we became family. Throughout that time I have watched Frank continue to be a fine person who always had a kind word and was available to help. Our relationship is built on mutual respect and even though we sometimes do not see eye to eye politically, I always respect his insightful opinions, the way he studies the issues, and his ability to modify his positions based on new relevant information. I know that his intention is always to make things better.

When he told me he was running for Congress against Maxine Waters, my first reaction was that this is such a long shot, how can he do it? But then I thought about the term “long shot”. Life itself is a long shot and being here at this very moment is a long shot, but here we are. And if you believe in something strongly then it is not about the odds it is about doing what you believe in and standing for something. I am very proud of him and even as a life-long Democrat I fully support him because it is time for change. And yes he is a long shot, but more importantly, Frank DeMartini is a man who is committed to that change. I wholeheartedly endorse Frank. He is the best candidate for the job.

David Allen Jones is a spirited leader with a broad range of successes in entertainment and technology. As a songwriter and record producer, David has worked with top music artists including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson. David has composed music for Hollywood films and music supervised dozens of film projects. He was partner at LA music publisher, Transition Music where he oversaw revenue and catalog growth of more than 1000%. TMC’s clients were the Hollywood studios and dozens more.

David was co-founder of MediaMen, a global media management company that licensed and distributed sports, entertainment and specialty programming cross-platform and aggregated more than 50,000 hours of content. David was managing partner at Memotion Company Ltd. Thailand a film, and live music event company that produced three feature films and several successful live events in Thailand. David has consulted media and technology companies in the areas of operations and new product development, including Apple Computer, MainFrame (Canada), Demeu Music (Kazakhstan), Bop Recording (South Africa), Motown Records (USA), and Imagimax (Thailand).

David is currently partner at Canada based MB Union Capital an investment consulting firm where he oversees new business development and helps steer investments for the company. He continues to consult companies in the areas of new business development and financing and most importantly is the proud father of four wonderful children, Evyn, Nicholas, Jasmine and Daniel.